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The Good Bad Mother: Why Did MI Joo and Kang Ho Break Up

Ahn Eun Jin as Lee Mi Joo, Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho in The Good Bad Mother
Credit: Netflix

Spoilers ahead!

The Good Bad Mother recently got released on Netflix but it's already considered one of the best shows to watch at the moment. But since the episodes of the show get released every week, avid fans will have to wait for answers to the cliffhanger ending from previous episodes.

In Episode 4, fans got a treat as they finally get a look into the relationship between Choi Kang Ho (played by Lee Do Hyun) and Lee Mi Joo (played by Ahn Eun Jin). It was also an exciting episode since it was the first time the two lovers saw each other once again.

But unfortunately, Kang Ho's accident prohibits him to remember anything about his former flame. In Episode 5, however, we learn that Kang Ho becomes curious about the new pretty girl.

Ahn Eun Jin as Lee Mi Joo, Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

Despite their ill-fated romance in the past, the present-day Kang Ho wants to do everything he can to impress Mi Joo; even if that means asking his mom to get him a dog.

Episode 4 gave avid fans a look into a seemingly perfect and happy relationship between Mi Joo and Kang Ho. So what went wrong in their relationship?

How and why did the couple break up? Here's what we know so far.

Mi Joo’s Version of the Breakup

Ahn Eun Jin as Lee Mi Joo in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

In The Good Bad Mother Episode 5, we finally understand what happened between the couple and who decided to end things.

In a flashback scene, the two lovebirds are seen celebrating their birthdays together and are happily content with each other's company. Despite not having much, they love to do things together even if it means spending all day indoors.

Mi Joo recalls how they watched movies together, went fishing, and even did each other's nails. They also had a silly yet cute endearment for each other in the form of "10 square root of 2," which means "I love you."

So what happened?

In Mi Joo's memory, Kang Ho suddenly changes. As she brings a cake for Kang Ho for his appointment, she gets surprised to see Kang Ho sitting sternly and waiting for her with luggage on his side.

She tells him to make a wish and he tells her he already made one: that he won't be nervous. He proceeds to tell her he needs to do something on his own.

Kang Ho then hands her a passbook containing some money he saved up as a way of thanking her for all the help she has given him. Mi Joo is hurt but sarcastically tells him to send over a new rich colleague so she can support him too.

This is all that the flashback scene tells us. Viewers are then brought back to the present-day, where Mi Joo continues to feel pained whenever she sees her ex.

Kang Ho’s Version of the Breakup

Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

Since the flashback scene is from Mi Joo's memory, we do not know yet what Kang Ho's reason behind the breakup. But based on the clues he mentioned to Mi Joo, it's possible that he already calculated his revenge against his father's killers.

He could have also thought it would be best to keep Mi Joo away from him, in case he gets discovered. This way, he could protect her at all costs.

Again, we still don't know what Kang Ho's reason was. Hopefully, he regains his memory and recalls what he did wrong to lose the one good thing in his life.

Here's a look back at their past:

Episodes of The Good Bad Mother are available to watch on Netflix.

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