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The Glory Helps Song Hye Kyo Get Out Slump Period, Find Acting Fun Again

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Song Hye Kyo talked about her hit K-drama, The Glory, in an interview with Elle Korea to share her personal thoughts about her role as Moon Dong Eun. This time, she no longer plays a character who's a damsel in distress who needs saving but a woman who's ready to fight for herself.

Song Hye Kyo has been known for her rom-com and serious K-dramas, like Full House, Descendants of the Sun, Encounter, and more, being the queen of melodrama. As these shows are far different from The Glory's revenge theme, Song Joong Ki's ex gave it credit for getting her out of her slump period, finding acting fun again.

Song Hye Kyo's Interpretation of Moon Dong Eun

The actress first talked about her character, Dong Eun.

"Dong Eun is a character who is filled with scars and pain from the perpetrators. So, she was at the doorstep of death," she said, per AllKpop.

"But she thought 'Why do I only have to die? You should die too' and plans revenge for 20 years," she continued. "However, she knows clearly that she has to become another villain to pay back her perpetrators."

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Hence, the 41-year-old knew her character would be punished for her sins and was ready for it.

"She believes that whoever does wrong must pay for it. That's what I thought," Song Hye Kyo added.

The Glory Helps Song Hye Kyo Get Out of Slump Period

The Now, We Are Breaking Up star admitted that The Glory had helped her "get out of her slump period."

"There was a time I did doubt myself. I thought, 'Is this path right?' and 'I don't think I have the talent for acting," she confessed.

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"I started to find acting fun again through The Glory. I was really happy in bed at the end of the day after I finished filming a really difficult scene," she continued. "I wanted to return to filming the next day, and I couldn't wait until I am Dong Eun again. So, I want to meet my next project as soon as possible."

Song Hye Kyo Doubts If She's Doing Everything Right

Song Hye Kyo also revealed that doing The Glory was new to her.

It was her first time doing this genre, and all the scenes were hard at the start of the filming. Of course, she wanted to do her best and give her character justice, so she continuously questioned whether she was doing things right.

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She even reached the point that she wanted to redo some earlier scenes and do another round of filming. But after seeing some episodes, she was confident that she had given Dong Eun and The Glory justice.

"I think I did my best," she said.

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