The Galaxy's Most Wanted Release Date of Expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

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The Galaxy's Most Wanted, the latest expansion of Marvel Champions: The Card Game, will be good news for Marvel fans. While Marvel is best known for its comics and movies, their stories and characters span across media and board games are no exception. Here's everything you need to know prior to the release date of The Galaxy's Most Wanted:

The Galaxy's Most WantedRelease Date

Major retailers, such as BoardGame Guru in the United Kingdom will start having available stock of The Galaxy's Most Wanted starting from tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th of March. Amazon provides an estimated delivery slot between the 10th and the 13th of April for those who preorder now.

Of course, unlike tv shows that hit our screens at the exact same time, games can be less predictable. The ongoing pandemic has affected deliveries, causing delays with other games by Fantasy Flight Games such as Keyforge: Dark Tidings. The exact time you will receive the card games might vary, depending on where you are in the world and the situation with deliveries.

In any case, no significant delays have been announced so far about the newest expansion of the Marvel card game, which can only be a good sign.

The Galaxy's Most WantedPreorder

You can preorder The Galaxy's Most Wanted directly from the company, Fantasy Flight Games, especially if you love their games and would like to support them. To do so, you can easily create an account on their website. It's currently available for late pre-order at $39.95.

You can also find The Galaxy's Most Wanted from, include Amazonwhere it's available for $59.18, and Cool Stuff Inc. In the latter, the game is currently out of stock but you can opt to be notified when they have stock again. Other options include Game Nerdzwhere you can currently buy the game at a discount, for $31.97. UK fans can order from BoardGame Guru for £32.99.

Alternatively, you can support your local game store by asking them to order The Galaxy's Most Wanted if they haven't already.

The Galaxy's Most WantedPrice

The prices for The Galaxy's Most Wanted might vary depending on your chosen retailer. The game costs $39.95 at the website of the company that distributes it. It's currently more expensive on Amazon at $59.18, while GameNerdz has it at the competitive price of $31.97 due to a special offer.

The Galaxy's Most WantedProduct Overview

The Galaxy's Most Wanted is not a standalone game. To play it, you will need Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set. This is not to say that The Galaxy's Most Wanted isn't an exciting addition that brings a lot to the original game.

The Galaxy's Most Wanted allows you to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and take your game to a whole new setting; the galactic stage. You will get to play with five different scenarios and fight against opponents such as Nebula, the Collector, and others.

As this game introduces the Guardians of the Galaxy into the Marvel card game, the pack will include hero decks for Groot and Rocket Racoon.

Another board game releasing soon that you might want to check out is Under Fu Leng's Shadow.

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