The Flash Star Grant Gustin Shows off Barry Allen's Bulked-Up Transformation in Season 7

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It looks like we'll be seeing a completely new Barry Allen in The Flash Season 7. Grant Gustin has just shared his bulked-up look ahead of the Arrowverse show's return.

Gustin shared the new photo on his official Instagram account. The first image shows the actor before he started working out while the second one shows off his progress so far. Check it out below.

Interestingly, the caption reveals the true story behind the transformation. According to Gustin, he had "decided to break my cycle of not taking care of myself as well as I should" and admitted that he suffered from anxiety and depression. This was brought on by his hectic schedule which "had a terrible effect on my appetite and just motivation in general."


Gustin pointed out that he finally decided to take care of himself when COVID-19 gave him the break he needed. He also confirmed that "Flash is gonna have a little bit of beef on his lanky frame." Finally, he concluded on a hopeful note.

"But more importantly I feel much happier and more present than I have in a long time," Gustin wrote.

First of all, Gustin looks healthy and happy in the photo so that's definitely something to celebrate. We're not sure how the gains will be explained in The Flash Season 7 but there is little doubt that the writers could give it a positive message for fans who need inspiration from their favorite superhero.

Are you ready for a jacked-up Barry Allen? The Flash Season 7 will premiere on The CW on March 2.

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