The Flash Star Grant Gustin Shares Barry Allen's New Season 6 Suit

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It seems like Barry Allen gets new suits in every season of The Flash. So it's no surprise that the first image of the speedster from The Flash Season 6 shows off a new suit that goes back to its roots.

Grant Gustin shared the new picture on his official Instagram account and it isn't quite complete since Barry isn't wearing his cowl. However, it still happens to be one of the covers for Entertainment Weekly's upcoming issue. Check it out below.

"I can't believe this is a real cover. I had so much fun doing this shoot with @entertainmentweekly. Thank you so much for giving me the honor," Gustin wrote. "This is everyone's first peek at the season 6 suit(sans cowl)."

We're seeing some new gold touches in this new suit although the color seems to be more in line with the original one from the first season. Additionally, there has to be an interesting reason why the cowl is nowhere to be seen. Is there some special redesign to the cowl in The Flash Season 6? Stay tuned for more updates.

Although Gustin's show is still going strong, it has already been confirmed that Arrow, the series where his character was first introduced, is coming to an end. Nevertheless, Gustin couldn't help but praise Stephen Amell for Amell's continued commitment to Arrow (via Entertainment Weekly).

"I don't understand how he does it — his schedule that he maintains with working out, the conventions he goes to, the passion he has for it, and the love he shows towards fans. He's always prepared. He cares more about that show being high quality than anybody else on the set," Gustin said.

The Flash Season 6 will premiere on The CW on October 8. Arrow Season 8 will air on October 15.

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