The Flash Star Grant Gustin Defends Candice Patton Against Racist Attacks

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Grant Gustin has played Barry Allen for several years but fans believe that he hasn't exactly been vocal when it comes to shutting down trolls that constantly attack his The Flash co-star Candice Patton with racist comments. Now Gustin wants the world to know that he has Patton's back no matter what.

Gustin made an Instagram story that he claims will serve as a public service announcement. Check it out below.

"I want to make a blanket statement, PSA, put it out there right now on my Instagram, if it hasn't been taken in through interviews over the years. But our Iris is an African-American actress. She is black. She is beautiful. And she is our Iris and she is always gonna be. Always has been, always will be. She is Barry's endgame and Candice Patton plays her. And she will continue to play her. And I have her back and will have her back. I'm sorry if that hasn't been clear, but that's the case. And it always will be, so that's it," Gustin said.

So why is this happening now that Patton has played Iris West for almost five years? Cinemablend reports that it may have to do with Gustin's previous post expressing his support for LGBTQ rights. It was revealed that several fans had threatened to unfollow Gustin for supporting LGBTQ and that led to the return of the racist attacks on Patton.

Gustin and Patton will return as Barry Allen and Iris West in The Flash Season 6, which premieres on October 8.

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