The Flash Promotional Video Proves Ezra Miller Isn’t Getting Fired

It looks like Warner Brothers might not be firing Ezra Miller after all.

Miller is set to make his first public appearance this month after the circulation of the controversial choking video that has sparked rumors about the actor's future in the DC Extended Universe. DC Comics just recently released a TikTok video showcasing Miller holding a cat and pointing up to text telling followers that DC fans have "got the power! It's time to suit up! #DCSuitUp."

In the video, fans get to see cosplayers dressed as DC's Flash.

"The Speed Force is for everyone around the world. Including cats. #DCFanDome only on Aug. 22 #DCSuitUp #EzraMiller #TheFlash," reads DC Comics' tweet.

You can check out the video down here:

Back in April, Miller found himself caught in a major controversy after a video surfaced online showing the Justice League star choking and slamming a female fan in a pub in Iceland. The actor had been in the country at the time to film Warner Brother's third Fantastic Beasts movie, and the fan had been part of a group of fans who had reportedly harassed Miller in the pub.

Drunk and upset with the group, Miller ended up slamming the female fan to the ground.

Because of this controversy, there were rumors circulating saying that Warner Brothers planned on replacing Miller in both The Flash and Fantastic Beasts.

This new promotional video from DC Comics, however, shows that such is not the case. It looks like Miller is going to continue fitting into his spandex suit for The Flash.

The Flash movie is set to premiere on June 3, 2022.

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