The Flash: Leaked Concept Art May Have Confirmed Michael Keaton Will Don Batsuit

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The official confirmation that Michael Keaton is returning to reprise his role as Batman in Andy Muschietti's The Flash has put a lot of DC fans in a state of euphoria and quite honestly, it's hard not to geek out over his grand comeback after close to three decades. Keaton was last seen as the caped crusader in 1992's Batman Returns and since his departure, fans have been dying to see him back as an older version of Bruce Wayne.

Now, we still know very little about Keaton's actual involvement in the film but rumor has it that he'll play a mentor-type role in the project. Other online rumors claim that he will officially replace Ben Affleck as the one true Batman of the DC Extended Universe. The question is, will we actually see him fight side-by-side with Ezra Miller's scarlet speedster, or is he just showing up as his alter-ego?

Turns out, Keaton could potentially don his iconic Batman suit as evidenced by the leaked artwork from the film that has been circulating online. The series of images see Batman and The Flash team up together in various scenes, including one that seems to draw massive inspiration from the Flashpoint storyline involving a deteriorating Superman. Check it out here:

There's no doubt that The Flash is one of the most anticipated comic book films next year and I certainly hope it will be able to capitalize on the current hype surrounding it. I mean, with a stellar cast and a compelling storyline, there's no way this project won't work but then again, we have to reserve our judgment until we see the film in theaters.

The Flash is slated for release in November 2022.

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