The Flash: Kevin Smith Clarifies Comments About Christian Bale's Alleged Rejection

Christian Bale as Batman
Credit: Warner Bros.

Christian Bale as Batman
Credit: Warner Bros.

WARNING: The article contains spoilers about the ending of The Flash. Read at your own risk.

The ending of The Flash gave the audience a last-minute surprise as they revealed that George Clooney became the new variant of Bruce Wayne in the DCEU following the main events of the film where Barry Allen messed up the timeline as a result of time-traveling actions.

Clooney's appearance was shocking for fans and the general audience. Not only it was a nod to his ill-fated starring role in Batman & Robin, but it was a genuine surprise that Warner Bros. kept as a secret prior to its release.

Recently, a clip from the Fat Man Beyond podcast surfaced online where Kevin Smith seemingly claimed that Christian Bale was actually offered the role for the Bruce Wayne cameo first, but he ended up turning it down.

Smith's comments made a lot of rounds as everyone saw it as a legitimate scoop about the film and it made fans wonder about what Bale's cameo in the film would have looked like if he actually agreed.

Now, the famed writer-director has clarified his comments and it looks like an appearance from Bale was not in play at all.

Kevin Smith Addresses His Comments About Christian Bale in The Flash

The Flash
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Credit: Warner Bros.

After the clip of his comments about Bale surfaced online, Smith took to Twitter to clarify what he actually meant with his mention of the actor's potential involvement in The Flash

He explained that his quote was just "conjecture" and not factual information about the making of the film. He went on to share an article from The Hollywood Reporter to show what the true facts are.

"What’s missing from this Fat Man Beyond clip is when I said 'I think there’s a world' and 'It feels like'. It was just conjecture, not inside information," he said before sharing the link to The Hollywood Reporter's report.

This should clarify the conversations online regarding Bale's potential involvement in the recent DCEU film and it sounds like he was never in talks to make a cameo appearance.

After all, Bale has made comments in the past that he won't return to play Bruce Wayne/Batman unless Christopher Nolan returns which is probably why Warner Bros. never considered trying to bring him back for a special appearance.

While it might be unfortunate for some fans that Bale was never in contention to appear at all, the film still ended up going well with the Clooney cameo and the surprise for fans was still successful.

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The Flash is still showing in theaters everywhere. You can check more details about it here.

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