Who Ends Up With Barry in The Flash?

There had been many speculations about Barry Allen being gay in his own The Flash solo film for DC, especially since the actor who plays him, Ezra Miller, identifies as nonbinary using they/them pronouns.

The Flash is all about opening up the possibilities of the multiverse within the DCU while Barry learns the consequences behind trying to change his past using his super speed.

Many fans are probably also wondering, apart from the superhero act, does Barry end up with anyone in The Flash? Let's find out!

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Flash, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Does Barry End Up With Anyone in The Flash?

Back in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Barry Allen was introduced to his potential love interest in a brief meeting. It was right before he was getting his interview at a dog shelter when he bumped into Iris West.

At the time, Iris West (portrayed by Kiersey Clemons) almost died by a truck accident, until Barry realized and ran at the speed of light, saving Iris from the accident, while getting a hotdog for the dogs to get on the good side of his employer.

Meanwhile, since The Flash is the beginning of the DC reboot for James Gunn, this should mean complete do-over for the two, right?

Barry Meets Iris West Again in The Flash

Who Ends Up With Barry in The Flash?
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Credit: DC

You would think The Flash also means restarting how Iris met Barry, but it didn’t. In fact, it referenced the scene that happened in Justice League, except the 2023 movie elaborated more on where they actually first met: college.

The Flash introduces their story as once college classmates and when Barry was attempting to avoid any interviews about his dad’s court case, Iris shows up as one of the reporters and even said she felt like she’s seen Barry before (pertaining to the time he saved her from the truck).

Of course, Barry ignores this to keep his identity from getting revealed.

He invited Iris over to his place when they saw each other again. However, Barry found himself distracted over the fact he found out he could time travel.

So instead of this coming over to his place being the first time Iris and Barry get together, Iris was left hanging as Barry went to pursue the limits behind his time traveling ability.

Fret not though, because by the end of The Flash, after Barry’s father won his case of beating the allegations of killing his wife, Barry meets with Iris again in front of court.

This time, Iris went ahead and did the first move, telling Barry to ask her out for dinner, which he did. We didn’t get to see their romance blossom in The Flash, but this does indicate a future for the two characters.

Young Barry Falls In Love With Kara/Supergirl

Who Ends Up With Barry in The Flash?
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Credit: DC

When Barry traveled back in time and got stuck, he happened to meet his 18-year-old self, otherwise known as Young Barry.

And this Young Barry had different priorities, in which case, he asked out Iris West from his high school Economics class the first chance he got.

They were supposed to go on their first date that day, but since the Present Barry figured September 29th was the day he got his powers, he dragged his younger self to ensure he would get his powers.

Because otherwise, Present Barry would lose his and get stuck in the past for an eternity.

Now, since that happened, Young Barry didn’t get his first date with Iris West. Instead, his crush shifted the moment he met Kara Zor-El, otherwise known as Supergirl.

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See, Barry and Michael Keaton’s Batman were specifically looking for Kal-El / Superman, but they only found Supergirl, who they needed to stop General Zod from taking over Earth in Young Barry’s timeline.

Given that Young Barry spent a lot more time with Supergirl, getting to know her background and powers, he immediately developed a crush. He was even seen recording her on his phone as she flew beside Keaton’s Batship.

Unfortunately, Young Barry did not end up with Kara. Because before he could even get the chance to save her, General Zod killed her, extracted her DNA to bring the planet of Krypton back to life.

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Who Does Barry Canonically End Up With?

Who Ends Up With Barry in The Flash?
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Credit: DC

The DCU Barry and Arrowverse Barry (Grant Gustin) had similar line-ups for their love interests and in this case, the CW’s The Flash had a happy ending for Barry and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton).

Now, canonically, in the DC comics, Barry had had a lot of romantic partners. Aside from Iris West, he also had major love interests such as Patty Spivot and Fiona Webb.

There was even one alternate universe where a gay version of the Scarlet Speedster ended up with a male partner.

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