The Flash is Getting Doctor Manhattan's Powers in DC's Generation Zero

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After Wally West made his big return in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, you would think that things would go well for him right? Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case since Titans, the book he was in that was supposed to directly deal with the fallout of Rebirth, ended up getting the ax while Heroes in Crisis made Wally a murderer, albeit one he didn't directly cause.

The Flash Forward mini-series has done some good in making Wally feel important again but DC went and spoiled its ending, which has huge ramifications. Since we already spoiled it in the article's title, the ending of Flash Forward will somehow lead to The Flash (Wally West) getting Doctor Manhattan's powers, changing things forever. How will you find out more? By picking up DC's Generation Zero during this year's Free Comic Book Day.

Newsarama stated that Generation Zero will not only give us a Doctor Manhattan-powered Wally West but also a new timeline that matches the events of Wonder Woman #750, which canonized her as the first discovered superhero in the DC Universe. That's obviously major news and we're willing to see how DC pulls off this crazy stunt.

Here's the official solicitation for the free 32-page comic:

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Credit: DC Comics
"In order to save his children and the multiverse itself, Wally West makes the ultimate sacrifice, taking his place in the Moebius Chair. Unbeknownst to him, the chair is packing a little extra power, having been imbued with the godlike powers of Dr. Manhattan! Now armed with infinite knowledge – and the powers of a god – Wally West can see the past, present and future of the DC Universe all at once...Including what needs to be changed."

Considering how Wally didn't even play a role in the well-written yet underwhelming Doomsday Clock, it's kind of nice seeing him become a major player here. Hopefully, he doesn't become a major villain anytime soon, though you never know what can happen after Heroes in Crisis.

Generation Zero comes out on May 2, which is when Free Comic Book Day takes place.

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