22 Oct 2021 3:17 PM +00:00 UTC

The Flash: Ben Affleck's Role Reportedly Expanded

A lot of DC fans are beyond convinced that Ben Affleck's version of Batman was the definitive big-screen iteration of the character and after the actor shocked everyone in early 2019 by announcing his "retirement", it seemed like we've seen the last of him as the caped crusader. However, Affleck seemingly had a change of heart and has agreed to reprise the role in the upcoming standalone The Flash film starring Ezra Miller, a film that will also see the jaw-dropping comeback of Michael Keaton as Batman after 30 years.

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Credit: WB

There have been persistent rumors online suggesting that the Andy Muschietti-directed film will hit the reset button on the franchise, effectively removing Affleck's version of Batman from the current DCEU continuity. Other reports claim that Affleck's role in the film will be incredibly short and he reportedly only shot a few scenes for the project.

Now, a new scoop from the folks over at Giant Freakin Robot claims that Affleck's involvement in the film has been expanded. According to their source, WB has decided to extend Affleck's scenes in the film in order to give him "true closure". This still supports the previous reports saying that the actor is in fact on his way out of the DCEU.

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As an avid fan of Ben Affleck and his version of Batman, the idea that the DCEU will no longer feature him as the Dark Knight will be a tough pill to swallow. But you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. But man, it just bums me out that he never got to realize his true potential and it sucks that we never got to see him headline his own solo Batman project.

The Flash is slated for release in November 2022.