The First Episode of The Twilight Zone is Free to Watch on Youtube

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Jordan Peele's Us is currently sweeping the box office, and CBS also smartly released the first episode of Peele's The Twilight Zone to ride the hype wave. What's cool is, you can actually watch the first episode for free on Youtube.

This was shared by Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter:

Check out the full episode here:

This is a synopsis for the episode:

Taking advice from a famous comedian, a stand-up comic makes fun of his own life - with unexpected results.

I'm not going to spoil anything here, but if you've watched the trailer, the episode looks to be a ‘deal with the devil' type of story, with Kumail Nanjiani's comedian character striking a deal with Tracy Morgan's. The format is easily recognizable. The central character strikes a deal, he gets what he wants, then he finds out that the deal isn't really what it's made out to be. If you're looking for a play on this trope, you can find it in the Rick and Morty episode Something Ricked This Way Comes from Season One.

With Peele doing such great work on us, he's steadily becoming a new horror icon for modern cinema. It was a pretty smart move for CBS to back him when it comes to a revival of The Twilight Zone. The first season is set to run for 10 episodes. No news yet on whether we're getting a second one.

Catch the rest of The Twilight Zone on CBC All Access.

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