The First 'Aladdin' Trailer is a Wish Come True for Disney Fans

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After two teasers and a couple of teaser images, Disney has released the first official trailer for Aladdin, or, as us oldies have decided to call it, Aladdin 2019. Now that we can see the remake in action, it actually doesn't look too bad and should definitely be pleasing to those that liked the other Disney remakes, as well as fans of the original animated classic.

The story looks pretty much the same; Aladdin is a street rat, he goes to the Cave of Wonders, finds Genie, etc. While images of giant blue Will Smith have freaked people out, he actually looks better in motion and should put some people's worries to rest.


What will really get fans talking is the short previews of two beloved songs from the original: FriendLike Me and A Whole New World. It looks like Will Smith is going to add some hip hop to the original song and that could be a good thing. We haven't heard Smith rap in forever so this should be a treat for ‘90s kids.

Also, A Whole New World continues to be a classic. We'll have to wait for the actual movie to hear how it sounds like but we'll hopefully be spared some painfully obvious auto-tune (hello Beauty and The Beast remake).

Fans will be able to watch Aladdin on May 24.

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