The Falcon and The Winter Soldier First Look Possibly Revealed HYDRA's Return

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Footage from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were recently released by Disney+ at the Sunday night Super Bowl. While it was only a 30-second tease, there were definitely some parts that ought to be deciphered, including HYDRA's possible return.

After Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson throws Captain America's shield, the teaser cuts to the Falcon flying in the air (seemingly with a new costume, too) in pursuit of a couple of men firing guns and are wearing familiar uniforms.

It looks like they were wearing dark green suits with distinct yellow stripes, which is a similar accent design worn by HYDRA in the Marvel comics. While this could be a completely different group, it is possible that HYDRA has surfaced once again and will make its way back to the MCU.

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Credit: Marvel

It is only speculation for now, but if the group will indeed make their return in the show, it wouldn't be a surprise since Helmut Zemo will also be featured in the upcoming series. Taking into consideration that the character will have a comic-accurate outfit, it is possible that he either revived the group or made something similar to his own. There's also the possibility of a few HYDRA loyalists that have been cooking something up all this time. After all, it's the Marvel universe, so there are lots of ways that the group could potentially make their return.

There's no telling if HYDRA will be featured in the show so fans would have to wait and see when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ later this year.

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