The Executioner and Her Way of Life’s Pure Concept Explained

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The Executioner and Her Way of Life’s Pure Concept Explained

While not necessarily setting the Spring 22 season alight, The Executioner and Her Way of Life is an enjoyable action fantasy that twists classic isekai anime tropes. There is also an interesting magic system, although the anime doesn’t explain how it works very well. That’s why we’re here to cover The Executioner and Her Way of Life’s Pure Concept.

Pure Concept is something referenced throughout the series and plays a crucial role in the story. Our spoiler-free explanation explains what Pure Concept is, how it’s used and why Akari’s Pure Concept is so special.

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What is The Executioner and Her Way of Life’s Pure Concept?

What is The Executioner and Her Way of Life’s Pure Concept
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Pure Concept refers to the unique magic ability of Lost Ones that arrive in the world of The Executioner and Her Way of Life.

Like a lot of fantasy anime, magic in The Executioner and Her Way of Life works through a substance called ether. This current of power can be found in most people at varying levels and is used to conjure magic abilities.

Pure Concept, however, is a special power unique to the people that arrive in their world – the ‘isekai-ers’. Compared to regular world-born abilities, Pure Concept is multiple times more powerful, partly because Lost Ones have a reserve of ether much larger than even the most powerful mages.

There are a few main reasons why Pure Concept is so dangerous, and why Menou and her group are determined to kill Lost Ones as a result.

The first point is that Pure Concepts are purposely broad in their specification. Mitsuki, the boy discovered in episode 1, has a Pure Concept called [Null], while Akari’s is called [Time].

The broadness of Pure Concepts’ names allows for an incredibly large number of uses and outcomes for the power. In the same way [Null] and [Time] could refer to anything, so can their abilities make almost anything happen.

The more time a Lost One has to explore their ability, the bigger and more dangerous the ability could become, which leads to the second point.

The other reason why Pure Concept is so dangerous is that each use makes the ability stronger until it overpowers its host. After too many uses, Lost Ones lose control of themselves, often becoming the embodiment of the Concept itself.

Lost Ones losing control of their almost limitless Pure Concepts is the primary reason behind The Executioner's Four Human Errors, apocalyptic-level catastrophes that frame much of the story's history.

Why is Akari’s Pure Concept Special?

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Akari's Pure Concept Explained
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Akari’s Pure Concept is particularly unique because it has allowed her to escape her death.

As seen early in the series, Menou and her group of Executioners attempt to find and kill Lost Ones as soon as they arrive before they can utilise their abilities. However, Akari was somehow able to reverse time on her execution through her Pure Concept, despite having only recently arrived.

With every day that Menou isn’t able to kill Akari, her understanding of her ability increases. Throughout the series, we can see Akari getting to grips with her potential and manipulating situations to her and Menou’s benefit.

However, we know that Pure Concepts eventually consume their host. While Menou has shown some signs that she has a unique tolerance, it’s likely that with more uses, more strange time stuff will begin to happen around them.

This tension point is what makes The Executioner interesting. Will Menou find a way to kill her new friend and partner before her ability threatens the world, and will she be able to do it when the time comes? We’ll have to watch The Executioner and Her Way of Life to find out!

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