The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 6 Explained

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Credit: Marvel Studios

In the alternate reality Marvel's What If..? Episode 6 has brought us today, What If.. Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark, we saw a different origin of the two characters who made their debut far from each other in the MCU. In this branched timeline, Erik planned it all, and Iron Man never came into picture. Here is the ending of the said run explained.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 6 Explained

The Ending of Marvel's What If..? Episode 6 Explained
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In the recent episode of Marvel's What If..?, we see Erik Killmonger hatch a plan that could convince even King T'Chaka that he is worthy of being the next Black Panther and it all started on that fateful day in Afghanistan when he saved Tony Stark from a bomb of his creation, from his very own company, Stark Industries.

Killmonger had to double both sides, Wakanda and the rest of the world so that he could successfully earn the title of being the next Black Panther. He killed them all, Rhodes, T'Challa, and even Tony Stark. He made sure not to leave a mark and he brought sentinels into Wakanda, making them think they are under attack by the Americans.

As it turned out, it was the plan of Killmonger all along and it was a bloody fight to get to where he is right now in that alternate reality. A war between the Wakandans and Sentinels ensued and it was just KIllmonger who manipulated all of those robots. Despite dying in the live-action series, Killmonger on this episode made it through the Wakandan sunset alive and well.

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With this, King T'Chaka deemed it fit for him to receive the heart-shaped herb and become the next Black Panther. In the ancestral plane, however, he met face to face once more with T'Challa asking him if all those who died in the process were worth it.

However, before the episode comes to a close, some girl power is definitely ready to do some damage, those who were responsible for the bad things that are happening to all of them would have to pay and it is none other than Killmonger who betrayed all of them. Shuri and Pepper left an unanswered question as to how they would avenge the ones they love.

It is possible that they will be plotting the revenge they have against Killmonger and the rest of Wakanda who might already have already been influenced by the presence of Erik. With the brains of Shuri and the resources of Petter, ant


Marvel's What If..? Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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