The DuckTales Game Screenshots are Legit… Sort of

FDG Entertainment has posted up screenshots for a DuckTales video game called QuackShots, and since it's April Fool's Day, a lot of people were questioning the legitimacy of the post. What's interesting is, they do come from a game, but it's a game that Disney hasn't picked up.

A follow-up post reveals that this FDG was working on a new DuckTales game, but Disney didn't give the developers the license. Instead of just burying the material that they had worked on, FDG has decided to share it to fans as an April Fool's prank. Here's the confirmation:

If anything, the screenshots did look amazing, and it captures the aesthetic of Disney's DuckTales reboot from 2017. Seeing as the show itself has gotten some favorable reviews, it would make sense for Disney to provide us with a reboot. After all, the DuckTales game 1989 was so popular that it was updated and re-released in 2013. Imagine how a game based on the new TV series would sell.

Besides the support of fans, I think it's worth mentioning that the post has even gotten the attention of Ben Schwartz who, besides Sonic the Hedgehog, also voices Dewey Duck (the blue nephew) in the show. Here's his post:

With all this new buzz on a new DuckTales game, hopefully Disney will reconsider. Then again, the studio kind of has bigger fish to fry for now, seeing that they've had to delay all of their movie releases and close down their theme parks because of COVID-19. All us fans can really do is wait.

In the meantime, the remastered DuckTales game is available for Xbox 360, Xbox one, iOS, Wii U, PS3, and PC.

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