A New Ducktales Video Game was Announced and Fans are Hoping It's Not an April Fool's Joke

It's April 1 so that means April Fool's Day is in effect and fans are worried about seeing super good news about a franchise they like. Case in point, FDG Entertainment's announcement that they will be releasing a new Ducktales game called Ducktales Quackshots. That might sound like an easy joke at first but they actually have some gorgeous screenshots to back it up, which has a lot of us worried that it's going to be a joke.

For those wondering why gamers would care about a licensed game like this, Ducktales has had a very good legacy when it comes to video games. The NES Ducktales game is a really good platformer that still holds up to this day, which is why it was re-released as part of that Disney Afternoon Collection. It was also remade for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC, with many of us wishing they would port that to modern consoles.

So yeah, please don't let this be a prank FDG Entertainment. Announcing Game Atelier as the developer is also really good since they worked on the excellent Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. No joke, that game is sublime and we highly recommend it, whether you own a PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

No release date for Ducktales Quackshots has been announced, which is already a bad sign. Still, here's hoping that this is true because it would look like a really fun time on the Nintendo Switch. Please be true.

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