The Dragon Prince Season 3 Trailer Introduces 'Elf Callum'

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If you've loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, then there's a good chance that you would enjoy Netflix's The Dragon Prince. The show is set to premiere with its third season later this month, and we now have a full trailer.

As Callum and Rayla cross into the magical realm of Xadia, Ezran returns to Katolis as king and faces pressure from all sides.


As fans of the show have come to love "Human Rayla", this next season will have Callum dressing up this time around as "Elf Callum"—complete with silly outfit and accent. I'll admit it's kind of sad to see the trio separated, but I'm sure this will just add more fuel to the Rayllum shippers.

For context, here's the original Human Rayla:

I'll admit, the animation is a bit of a hurdle to get through, but the world-building and characters are still topnotch. By the second episode, you'll find yourself hooked to The Dragon Prince. Just in case you didn't know, show creator Aaron Ehasz used to be head writer for The Last Airbender, and he's certainly taken some elements that worked for that show and applied them to TDP.


The Dragon Prince has admittedly not gotten to the same level of prestige as ATLA has, but surely the fanbase will grow over time. We know that the internet fandom is very active, it's only a matter of time before other audience members try to find out what the hype is all about.

Let's just hope Netflix doesn't cancel the show before Ehasz and his team can finish the story.

For now, catch the third season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix when it comes out Nov. 22.

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