The CW's Batwoman Pilot Episode Gets Surprising Reviews

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The CW's Batwoman just aired its pilot episode last Sunday. Prior to its release, Ruby Rose has been receiving some backlash for playing the role, as well as a handful of underwhelming reviews. But following the series premiere, it looks like the series might be eyed on as it progresses.

TVLine previously reported that Batwoman is 20 percent higher in audience compared to Supergirl's season opener last year. With 77 percent of the viewers planning to watch more of the series.


Although it is inevitable that a series will receive mixed reviews, especially Batwoman since a lot of people didn't anticipate the series prior to its debut. As of now, the average audience rating from Rotten Tomatoes is 1.2 over 5 with a total of 843 people. Here's what some of the critics have to say:

Linda Maleh of Forbes says the show "still has much to prove," and that it could either go better or worse. But she thinks that the pilot episode had a "decent beginning."

Tell-Tale TV's Allison Nichols had a similar review, saying Batwoman had a solid introduction. And the pilot proved "it's worth your time."

Diane Keng of TV Fanatic thinks so, as well. Keng mentioned that the premiere "ticks all the boxes of a good intro episode." And that it provided a good set-up for "even the most casual viewer."

However, some critics state the opposite, like The Young Folks' Mae Abdulbaki who says the pilot was "ultimately painful to watch," adding that it lacked finesse, emotional depth, and a sense of direction.

Matt Roush of TV Insider talked about the protagonist's delivery. Saying that Ruby Rose was monotonous and he suggests that "a little dramatic coaching might have been helpful."

Despite some division in reviews, some people think that the series could be worth watching including Dan Fienberg of Hollywood Reporter, who says he'll "around to see if it blossoms into something more," as well as Decider's Joel Keller saying that the show will likely get some depth "as we dive into Kate's story a bit more."


Considering that TVLine says it got a 77 percent of people hooked on watching more of the series, this latest CW project could be heading in a good direction after all.

Batwoman airs every Sunday night on The CW Network.

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