The Current Build Of Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Major Changes

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After Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite disappointed many, Dragon Ball FighterZ came and gave those that love fighting games hope. The game already looked amazing when it was first shown on E3, and Bandai Namco claimed that developer Arc System Works was only 20% done at the time. Now that the game is being tuned up for an international beta, more fixes have been made to make the fighter more balanced.

Fighting game enthusiast and YouTube personality Maximillian Dood was able to test out the Gamescom build of the title, which features a number of major fixes. Players hoping to exploit the Dragon Rush feature for insane combos won't be able to do so, since it no longer does continuous juggles. Instead, the character slams his/her opponent to the ground, making it more of a combo ender.

Tag mechanics for Dragon Ball FighterZ were also given more details, revealing that certain combos can continue with the player calling in his or her teammate to do some juggling. It's a good way to make the game more exciting, and is very reminiscent of the older Marvel vs Capcom games. Players are going to have to mix and match certain characters to see who complement each other.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is slated for a February 2018 release on PS4 and Xbox One. The game will have a new story, intense six-man battles and a number of characters from the whole series.

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