The Crown Season 5: The Possible Real-Life Events the New Season Will Feature

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

The Crown Season 5 is yet to hit the small screen, but it has already proven controversial after dropping its trailer. As this excites fans and anger the critics, know the real-life events the new season will feature.

Though no one really knows the actual events The Crown Season 5 will cover, it's widely believed that it will feature what happened to the royal family during the majority of the 1990s. From the breakdown of Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana's (Elizabeth Debicki) marriage to Queen Elizabeth's (Imelda Staunton) annus horribilis, which means a year of disaster or misfortune, here's what fans will probably see based on its trailer.

Queen Elizabeth's Annus Horribilis

As detailed by ScreenRant, the new season may delve into Queen Elizabeth's so-called annus horribilis.

The 1990s was a difficult decade for the royal family, especially in 1992, when three royal marriages failed: Princess Anne divorced, Prince Andrew separated, and Prince Charles had marriage problems.

It was also the year when there was a serious fire at Windsor Castle, and Andrew Morton released the tell-all memoir Diana: Her True Story.

The monarch herself called it a terrible year, dubbing it her "annus horribilis" in a speech at her Ruby Jubilee.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Divorce

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce might only be one of the three failed royal marriages the royal family faced in the 1990s, but it couldn't be denied that it was the most high-profile.

The previous season already featured the tension between the two's marriage, so The Crown Season 5 would probably see its breakdown.

It has been known that they ended up divorcing in 1996, decreasing the Prince of Wales' popularity among the public back then.

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Princess Diana's Iconic Revenge Dress, Panorama Interview, and Death

The Crown Season 5 trailer shows Princess Diana's black "revenge dress" that she donned during a fundraising dinner in 1994—the same day Prince Charles held a TV broadcast to admit he had been unfaithful.

Although she only stayed at the event for barely a minute, her dress remained the talk of the town, symbolizing her attitude toward her marriage's breakdown.

The preview also features her infamous Paranoma interview with Martin Bashir, titled An Interview with HRH The Princess of Wales, on BBC in 1995.

The talk exposed much about her marriage with Prince Charles, their infidelities, and the royal family.

Lastly, the new season may also show the events that led to her tragic death in 1996. This part of the series is said to be controversial, considering Princess Diana's friend, Jemima Khan, left her position as the show's consultant due to concerns about the event's portrayal.

So, it looks like fans have to wait and see what The Crown Season 5 has to feature when it premieres on November 9 on Netflix.

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