The Collector's Edition Of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Has Fans Fuming Over The Infinity Stones

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Despite weird visuals and a lackluster roster, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has gotten positive reviews from critics and fans. Thanks to the game's in-depth fighting mechanics and excellent online play, it can definitely be considered a fun title. However, Capcom might have screwed up big time with the game's collector's edition, which a lot of fans were looking forward to.

When it was first advertised, the collector's edition showcased a set of Infinity Stones and some statues of the game's characters. The statues are fine, but the Infinity Stones have gotten a very negative reception. Instead of looking like beautiful gems that Thanos would want to get his hands on, they look like Easter Eggs.

Some fans have been able to take this and laugh, making memes and jokes around social media. However, it also shows the false promise Capcom made to the fans since the image advertised Infinity Stones that looked great. Having giant Easter Eggs with generic colors is infuriating for those that spent their hard-earned money on it.


It really is a shame that the set ended up looking terrible since the Infinity Stones are a big part of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. In the game, these stones can do a lot of things, bring back a dead partner, power up the player, trap the opponent in a barrier and much more. Turning one of the game's coolest mechanics into something ugly to look at is pretty bad.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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