Black Widow Joins 'Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite' As A DLC Character

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Capcom has officially unveiled the four DLC characters coming to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite after Black Panther and Sigma. Though the list debunks the leak that was revealed a while ago, it only barely does so. Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, and Venom are accounted for, but the one character that wasn't in the leak is MCU favorite Black Widow.

The four characters were revealed in a Capcom Unity blog post, promoting the release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite this week. What's surprising about the DLC characters is that it's mostly Marvel, with only two Capcom characters in Sigma and Monster Hunter. Capcom did say that these characters were for the 2017 character pass, so expect another one next year, similar to what they do for Street Fighter V.

It took Capcom a long time, but Black Widow can finally join her teammates in a Marvel vs Capcom title. Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are already in the game, so it's surprising to see Widow added as DLC, instead of capitalizing on her Avengers membership and adding her right away. Still, it's good seeing the character in the game, and fans can have a field day shipping her with either Hawkeye or Winter Soldier.


Widow joins Captain Marvel and Gamora as the only female characters from the Marvel side of the roster. Morrigan and Chun-Li are the female characters on the Capcom side, with DLC fighter Monster Hunter rumored to be a female as well. Expect more DLC in the future, hopefully with more female characters from both Marvel and Capcom, like Ms. Marvel, Medusa, Sakura or Tron Bonne.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite should be available tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those that pre-order the Deluxe or Collector's edition can gain instant access to the 2017 character pass.

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