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The Boys Season 4 Release Date, News & Update: Rosemarie DeWitt's Casting Hints At Major Arc For Hughie

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Hughie Campbell's mother has been cast in the upcoming The Boys Season 4. Rosemarie DeWitt has been given the role of Hughie's mother, according to an announcement.

Rob Benedict and Elliot Knight were also announced as new cast additions. All three actors have joined the cast as filming for the new season progresses in Toronto.

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Hughie Campbell’s Tough Road in The Boys

The Boys is based on the Wildstorm and Dynamite characters of the same name, a group of vigilante non-superheroes who are determined to overthrow the hypocritical superhuman organization known as The Seven.

Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), a member of the organization, joined after the hero A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) killed his girlfriend.

While Simon Pegg was previously presented as Hughie's father, it wasn't revealed until Season 2 that his mother abandoned him when he was a kid.

Quaid discussed the Season 2 finale moment with EW in 2020.

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"He has the need to defend and protect and nurture those around him that he really cares about. He's desperate to keep his family intact," he explained.

"The reason why he gloms onto people is because his mom left him. He never wants to do that to anyone ever again, and it comes out in interesting ways, ways that could be considered a little bit codependent, a little destructive in a way. But I think he's starting to pull himself out of that rut at the end of the season."

The exact details of Hughie's mother are unknown, but a popular fan theory holds that she is a supe and may have fled to protect her son.

The Boys Season 4 Likely to Delve into Hughie’s Family

Hughie's father will certainly have a major throughline in the upcoming episodes of The Boys, as Pegg will also be appearing in Season 4 as Hughie's father.

It's conceivable that Hughie will experience a sudden reunion with his mother, which could reveal long-buried family secrets or simply force him to confront her abandonment and possibly lead to a rift with his father.

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So far, the series has shown very little about her character, so she may arrive equipped with information that shakes Hughie's vision of the world and his status in The Boys to its core.

The Boys Season 4 began filming in August 2022 and is expected to wrap in March 2023. Given the length of post-production, it is possible that it may be released in September 2023.

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