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The Boys Season 3 Drops First Teaser for the Upcoming Herogasm Episode

This Friday, The Boys will release the highly-anticipated "Herogasm" episode which is expected to have a very NSFW tone since it will be based on the infamous story in the comics. While we don't know yet what the series' take will look like and how far it will go on its raunchiness, we now have our very first glimpse at the much-awaited episode.

The official Twitter account of The Boys has dropped the first teaser for the upcoming "Herogasm" episode. The 28-second SFW footage started with The Deep saying "This is Herogasm" before they showed a warning that says the episode will depict "a massive supe orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses and cursing" and warned that it is "not suitable for any audience."

Afterward, they showed a quick montage of close-up shots of different characters although none of them hinted at any of the NSFW moments that will happen in the episode.

You can check the teaser below:

Understandably so, the teaser didn't show any glimpse at the raunchy scenes that will happen in the episode since they might be too graphic for the promotional materials and they might also want those moments to be a surprise for the viewers when they see the episode this Friday. There's a lot of curiosity right now for the episode given the reputation of the comic book story and it's interesting to see how far the series will go in the adaptation.

In case you're not familiar, as described by Screen Rant, Herogasm is "an annual festival in which most of Vought-American's superheroes meet in secret at a remote tropical resort for a company-sponsored orgy. For one weekend, virtually anything goes and all manner of amusement, both legal and illegal, is made available to the people responsible for protecting the planet, with various sex workers being paid $100,000 each to make themselves available for anything and everything."

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New episodes of The Boys premiere every Friday on Prime Video.

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