The Boys Season 2 Star Aya Cash Says New Hero is 'Worse Than Homelander'

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Is there any villain who is scarier than Homelander? It looks like The Boys Season 2 will introduce a hero who can top Antony Starr's terrifying character. Aya Cash has just stated that new superhero Stormfront is actually "worse than Homelander."

Cash recently took part in the virtual reunion of the cast of The Boys Season 2 although she came in rather late in the meeting. When Patton Oswalt asked her to introduce herself, Cash confirmed that she will be playing the new villain Stormfront who she describes as being "worse than Homelander."

But what makes Stormfront so bad? According to Cash, she is similar to the new kind of celebrity made by social media and is able to manipulate what people know about her. In addition to that, Cash revealed that although Homelander isn't initially fond of Stormfront but she later earns his respect. Now this should be a good thing if we were talking about any other characters but a person who Homelander considers as an ally probably shouldn't be trusted.

Sadly, there's not much that the actors shared about the new character. On the other hand, it does give fans a chance to wonder just how Stormfront will play into The Boys Season 2 as the new member of The Seven. Will she get along well with the other superheroes or will she prove to be the downfall of Vought International? We'll find out in September.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 4. The remaining five episodes will then air every week after the premiere.

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