07 Nov 2019 3:58 PM +00:00 UTC

The Boys Season 2 Production Halted as Locals Protest Over Excessive Violence and Fake Blood

Anyone who has seen the first season of The Boys would know just how bloody the series can get. However, it looks like Season 2 is set to top it and it's causing a major delay in production. Filming for the Amazon show had to be halted as locals began protesting about the serious amount of fake blood being used.

The report from Toronto Sun, The Boys Season 2 was supposed to film a violent scene at the city's Mel Lastman Square on Wednesday, November 6. However, production was stopped when Toronto Councillor John Fillion stepped in.

The reason behind Fillion's protest had a lot to do with the violence depicted in the scheduled scene. The description for the scene reads, "One of the rogue superheroes attacks the crowd. There will be people screaming and running in the scene as well as a considerable amount of fake blood."


Unfortunately, the scene somehow mirrored the 2018 incident where a van mowed down several pedestrians. Fillion explained that the protest had more to do about the concern for residents.

"It's not about confusion. It's about people literally re-living those events. It's disrespectful to even think of it. Even if nobody had seen anything, it's still disrespectful. I guess somebody just wasn't thinking," he said.

For now, it is still unclear when The Boys Season 2 will resume production for the scene. However, there is a possibility that the series will need to find a new location for the scene.

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