The Boys Season 2 Clip Reveals What Happened to that Whale

If you've seen the trailer for The Boys Season 2, there's a good chance you were blown away by that scene featuring an unfortunate whale. So what happened to the marine creature after Billy Butcher and his team decided to run their boat through her? A new clip from the upcoming season reveals that the Seven showed up and things immediately got heated.

The clip opens with the rest of the Seven arriving at the scene while The Deep is mourning over the whale, who has sadly been killed by the collision. The Deep is clearly emotional over Lucy's (yes, that's the whale's name) death and tries to get some comfort from Homelander but their leader is only interested in finding the "terrorists" (that's code for Butcher and his team). Realizing he's not getting any help, he informs Homelander that the gang escaped through the storm drains.

Homelander is eager to chase after Butcher but Starlight has other things in mind. She immediately confronts The Deep, telling him that he is not welcome back into the Seven. The Deep quickly apologizes to her and somehow reveals that he has joined the Church of the Collective. Nevertheless, Starlight is unwilling to work with The Deep after what happened between them in the first season.

Naturally, Homelander isn't having any of this and tells Starlight they don't have time for the drama. Interestingly, Stormfront steps in and makes sure Starlight knows that the issue will be addressed after they catch the terrorist.

The clip from The Boys Season 2 seems to confirm that Stormfront is really good at handling these types of situations and that she may have a way of dealing with Homelander as well. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what will happen to them in the show.

The Boys Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 4.

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