Seth Rogen on How AMC's Preacher Set the Stage for Amazon's The Boys

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The Boys is one of the biggest success stories to come from Amazon Prime, showing that you can adapt a comic book series, change a lot of things about it, and make something great. It should be noted that the show keeps the violence and swearing that made Garth Ennis' comic a worthwhile read but added more interesting elements regarding feminism, marketing, corporations, and so much more. Can't wait for The Boys Season 2 ya'll.

Seth Rogen, a comedic actor who also produced this show, recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about their successful superhero satire and actually credited a show he also helped make that sort of set the stage for The Boys; Preacher. This was a series also based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Rogen feels that the series showed people that a violent adaptation with something to say helped warm people to Amazon's super-powered success.

"In movies, we were very known for comedies specifically and in TV, Preacher was our first show, and it opened the door for us right away to do a lot more different stuff. All of a sudden, in the TV world, we are playing in levels of budgets that, if you were to transfer over to the movie world, is a much bigger arena than we are generally working in. Hopefully it will transfer over into movies. The Boys has shown us, when we make these big scope-y things, while still having our sensibilities, they can work."

While Preacher was flawed, with some fans feeling that the comic book was superior, it's clear that Rogen and co. learned from that show to make something better in The Boys. Plus, while not perfect, Preacher did have a number of great moments and still has fans to this day. It also wasn't a flop since it lasted for a solid five seasons so you can't say that AMC wasted their money.

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Credit: AMC

The Boys Season 2 will be coming out on September 4.

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