07 Oct 2021 3:18 PM +00:00 UTC

The Boys: Latest Promotional Video Hints Stormfront's Fate

It's still a long wait before we get to see the third season of The Boys, but Amazon has been posting promotional videos on the Vought International YouTube channel where they fill the gap between the events of the second and third season. In the latest video that they posted, they teased the fate of Stormfront, who seemingly died at the end of the second season.

During the recent edition of "Vought News Network: Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman," they revealed that Stormfront was apparently "securely locked away" in an unknown location. However, a large number of supporters have been protesting and demanding Vought International to reveal what happened to the Supe. You can watch the video here which also reveals the update on the other characters:

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In case you forgot, during the second season finale, Stormfront was heavily injured after Ryan attacked her with his laser eyes. They didn't reveal if the character actually died, but it was assumed that she did given the condition of her body. But whether she survived or not, it seems like her character will still have a huge impact during the third season since she has supporters who want to continue what she started.


There's still no confirmation if Aya Cash, the actress who plays Stormfront, will be returning on the third season, but there is a reason to believe that she might be given the revelation in the promotional video. Meanwhile, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is joining the season as Soldier Boy, an original Supe from World War II who is coming out of retirement.

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As of now, there's still no release date yet for the third season, but filming has already finished last month. It has also been reported that a college-set spinoff series is currently in the works. For now, as you wait for the third season, watch out for the promotional videos on the Vought International YouTube channel where they post every seventh day of the month.

The first two seasons of The Boys are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.