Amazon Prime's The Boys Could be Getting an R-Rated Video Game

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Credit: Amazon Prime

Fans of the hit superhero series The Boys have been itching to get themselves new content from the Amazon Prime show but unfortunately, we may have to wait a little longer before Season 3 premieres on the streaming service. While the official release date has yet to be confirmed, it's looking very likely that The Boys Season 3 will drop sometime in 2022.

As we wave for further updates regarding the third season's eventual arrival, The Boys' Twitter account is teasing something huge on social media. Taking to the microblogging website, the official Twitter handle of the show asked fans about a potential video game featuring our favorite supes — from Homelander to Billy Butcher.

Homelander in The Boys.
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Credit: Prime

Even Sony Pictures Television's official Twitter page couldn't help but chime in on the conversation, suggesting that a "bloody" The Boys video game is the way to go. I mean, they're not entirely wrong. Could you imagine a Grand Theft Auto-Esque tie-in game for the series? That would be insane!

Now, just because the series is teasing a tie-in video game, it doesn't mean that we're going to get our hands on it anytime soon because obviously, developing a video game takes up months or sometimes even years to complete, not unless, of course, Amazon has been secretly working on it over the last couple of months but that one seems a little too farfetched to believe. Still, the idea of an R-rated superhero game sounds pretty exciting, don't you think?

All episodes of The Boys are available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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