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The Boys: Jensen Ackles Teases Soldier Boy's Return in Season 4

One of the standouts of the third season of The Boys is Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy. His performance was praised by fans and critics and considered a great addition to the show. The character was able to survive the events of the third season finale which leaves the door open for him to return someday.

However, in a recent Instagram post from star Karl Urban regarding the start of the filming of the fourth season, Ackles left a cryptic comment in his post that hints at his potential return as Soldier Boy in the upcoming season. "Pour me a double...I'm on my way," the actor wrote.

You can check the screenshot of the post below courtesy of Twitter user @getFANDOM:

While the team behind the series has not made any confirmation on Ackles' return in the fourth season, the comment could be a big clue that he'll show up in some capacity during the season. However, there is also a chance that the actor was just playing along with his former co-stars and it's not necessarily a clue about his potential involvement.

Considering that the series was able to bring back Aya Cash in the earlier parts of the third season, there is a chance that they'll bring back Ackles to address his fate. Obviously, it will all depend on the writers' plan for the character after what happened in the third season.

Either way, we know that they have certainly left the door open for Soldier Boy to return to the show someday if ever the story requires it. A lot of fans would certainly love to see Ackles come back again and, hopefully, it will happen before the end of its run.

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Amazon has not set a release window yet for the fourth season of The Boys. You can check more details about it here.

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