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Pam & Tommy: Lily James On What It's Like Being Ignored By Pamela Anderson, Why She Wanted To Quit

Credit: Hulu/YouTube

Lily James discussed her new role as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy, stating she wished the Baywatch star had been involved in the series' creation. The actress also explained why she almost dropped out of the upcoming Hulu miniseries.

Between 2012 and 2015, James was most recognized for his role in the period drama Downton Abbey. Before appearing in films such as Baby Driver, Darkest Hour, and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the English actress made her cinematic debut in Disney's live-action rendition of Cinderella.

James will play the iconic '90s model alongside Sebastian Stan in Hulu's upcoming drama about the titular couple's tumultuous marriage.

Lily James: ‘It Felt Too Frightening’

Recently, James and Stan sat down for a special cover story promoting Pam & Tommy. In it, James discussed how she prepared to play Anderson.

She binge-watched Baywatch and studied the actress's demeanor and speech patterns. While this obviously helped her walk into Anderson's shoes, James claimed that it was so stressful that she almost dropped out of the series:

“I really wanted to pull out of this a week before,” James told Variety.

“It just felt too frightening. But I think that’s a good place to work from because it keeps you growing and getting better, I hope.”

Pamela Anderson Refuses Involvement

James previously revealed that she had reached out to Anderson before the series began filming in the hopes that she would be involved.

Anderson, unfortunately, has refused to be associated with the Hulu series and has not responded to James' attempts. Tommy Lee, her ex-husband, appears to be pleased with the show's portrayal of their relationship. Stan's portrayal of him has been approved by the rock star.

James, who is most known for her roles as the girl next door, has completely changed herself into the famous sex symbol. Her remarkable likeness to Anderson is absolutely spot on in the previously released trailers for Pam & Tommy.

It's clear that James worked hard to ensure her portrayal of Anderson was faithful and respectful. The pressure almost got to her, but judging on the early reactions to her performance, it's a good thing she persevered.

Pam & Tommy is set to be one of the year's biggest shows, thanks to the jaw-dropping physical transformations of its leading stars and the scandalous story at its core. The miniseries premieres on Hulu on Feb. 2.

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