The Boy and the Heron Confirms US IMAX Release With New Visual

The Boy and the Heron IMAX Mahito Maki

The Boy and the Heron IMAX Mahito Maki

Ghibli fans in the US only need to wait for a few more weeks before Miyazaki’s film gets released in cinemas. Before its screening run begins, GKIDS revealed that The Boy and the Heron will be released in IMAX theaters across the US.

The film’s IMAX release came with the reveal of a special visual that was shared on the GKIDS official X (formerly Twitter) account.

The Boy and the Heron getting a large format release is no surprise. After all, lots of anime have been getting IMAX releases in the past couple of years.

More and More Anime Films Are Getting IMAX Releases

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Anime films have become quite a common sight in US cinemas, with big titles like One Piece Film: Red and Suzume getting wide releases in American theaters.

Aside from conventional theaters, many anime films are also being released in IMAX. While IMAX is a more premium format, some fans may wonder if it’s worth paying extra for an anime movie.

Some IMAX movie releases such as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are believed by many to be worth watching in IMAX. This is because many sequences in the movie were shot using IMAX cameras.

Watching these types of movies in a digital IMAX theater may still be debatable to some.

That’s even more so with anime as some may not think IMAX is worth it given that animated features aren’t "filmed" in a traditional sense.

Still, IMAX theaters offer generally larger screens than an average cinema; this is usually the case even with the more common 1.90:1 digital IMAX cinemas. Plus, they are often noticeably louder than typical theaters.

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The Boy and the Heron Is Heading to IMAX Cinemas in the US This December

It’s tough to fully recommend IMAX cinemas for anime movies, but for those who want to watch The Boy and the Heron on a bigger screen, the film’s IMAX release is the way to go.

The upcoming IMAX theatrical run was revealed with a new poster that features Mahito along with a large “IMAX” logo at the top.

In GKIDS’ announcement, it was revealed that the film will get early access screenings on IMAX on December 4. Before that, the film will get special preview screenings in NYC and LA on November 22.

As for its nationwide release, The Boy and the Heron will begin its proper US theatrical run on December 8.

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