The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Features The Return of Iconic Star Wars Device

The latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett just brought back a very iconic piece of Jedi technology. Throughout the history of Star Wars, there is no shortage of memorable devices that some characters used. Although the Marksman-H Training Remote might not be a speeder or a lightsaber, some fans of the franchise really love to see the device pop up from time to time. Luke Skywalker used the device in the first trilogy. Then, in the Sequel trilogy, Rey Skywalker was the next one who used the device to hone her skills. In The Book of Boba Fett, it looks like Baby Yoda had to practice with the device. As a part of his training to become a Jedi, Master Like decided to put Baby Yoda (Grogu) through his paces. Luckily for Grogu, he was able to quickly study and managed to beat the device by the end of the episode. The Legendary Jedi has already given a lot of lessons to his young student and given the fans a lot to talk about movie forward.

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In the database of Star Wars, the device is described as: "These miniature droids are used in combat training, darting back and forth on repulsors and firing sting beams that can be set for a variety of intensity levels. Both younglings and established Jedi trained with remotes, using them as teaching tools for avoiding blaster bolts and deflecting them with lightsabers."

Rey Skywalker also famously practiced with the device in The Last Jedi. Daisy Ridley (Rey Skywalker) told Vogue in an interview how physically taxing some of the real-life lightsaber training was. "Physically, I never really had to push myself that hard and stamina-wise you're like, 'Oh my god,'" Ridley said. "It's like a psychological thing of knowing you can do it more and more and more."

"They're really heavy," she continued. "Three, four, five kilos? And the weight's very unevenly distributed… You do, like, eight thwacks one way, eight the other, eight up, eight down."

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