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The Blacklist Season 10 Spoilers, News & Update: Task Force Member Won’t Return as Series Regular

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Laura Sohn will not reprise her role as Alina Park in The Blacklist Season 10. Sohn's character Park is the task force's newest member. So, many fans were taken aback by her departure.

Here's why Sohn decided to leave the NBC drama and how her character is no longer a series regular.

Alina Park written off in The Blacklist Season 10

Colby Lewis plays Laura Sohn's character Alina Park's husband, Peter, on The Blacklist. Park's marriage experienced numerous challenges. When she joined the task force, she didn't tell her husband.

Park is injured in Season 9 Episode 5, after being hit by Benjamin T. Okara's directed energy weapon. She then discovers that she was pregnant but that the weapon caused her to miscarry.

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Park has been suffering from migraines since her injury. Her headaches seemed to get worse as the season continued. Park learned out why in the Season 9 finale. She's expecting a child. At Liz Keen's burial, she informs the task force of the news and informs them that she would be taking a medical vacation from the task force.

Park is unsure if she will return when the baby is born. “Maybe life has got other plans,” Park says.

Why is Laura Sohn leaving The Blacklist Season 10?

Laura Sohn debuted as a recurring character on The Blacklist in Season 7. She was promoted to series regular for Seasons 8 and now, but she is quitting the show as a series regular after only three seasons, according to Deadline. While there is an obvious cause for her character's departure, Sohn has not yet stated her reasons for not returning for Season 10 of The Blacklist.

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However, given that her character is still alive and healthy, Park could return to The Blacklist at some point in the future. This is especially likely given that her headaches may ease once she gives delivery. The NBC series frequently leaves the door open for characters to return in future guest roles.

The Blacklist Season 10 has been confirmed, although Laura Sohn and Amir Arison will not be back as series regulars. This appears to leave a significant gap in the show. Ressler, Dembe, and Cooper are the only remaining members of the task force.

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