The Big Bang Theory: Why Jim Parsons’ Exit Results in Show’s Ending?

Credit: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube Screenshot

It has been three years since The Big Bang Theory ended, but it remains one of the most favorite TV series. As the show concluded after Jim Parsons left the series, the actor wanted it to continue without him, though it was impossible.

Parsons played the role of the fan-favorite Sheldon Cooper for its 12-season run. Though he didn’t know his decision to leave the show would result in its conclusion, people behind the series saw his exit as the end of it.

Jim Parsons’ The Big Bang Theory Exit

Despite Parsons’ exit, everyone in the series, from Johnny Galecki to Kaley Cuoco, wanted to continue. However, the show’s executives believed the sitcom couldn’t go on without one of its major stars.

They even saw it best for the show to just wrap up with a complete ensemble.

But in spite of it, the Spoiler Alert star revealed he was interested to see what the series would be like without Sheldon in it.

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In an interview with Yahoo!, the 49-year-old admitted he didn’t know how big of an impact his decision to retire would have on the show and its other cast members. His exit even resulted in a conflict between him and other stars, resulting in a backlash.

"I can't say I was surprised, but I equally would not have been surprised if it had gone on,” Parsons said about his departure. “There was part of me that had a sense of delight that it might go on without me! But that isn't what happened."

Jim Parsons’ Desire to Try Other Things

Todd Spiewak’s partner revealed that his decision to leave The Big Bang Theory stemmed from his desire to try other things in his career.

But he couldn’t deny that his time on the show was “heaven.”

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"It was the kind of experience I cannot overstate how impactful and positive it was for me,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “The feeling of thankfulness and gratitude in [my] heart for the whole thing, it's almost overwhelming.”

Why Jim Parsons’ Exit Didn’t Work on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007, and Parsons quickly became one of the series’ main stars. He, Galecki, and Cuoco became the major cast members, while others became supporting characters.

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Hence, it would be hard for the show to continue without him, considering its story mostly centered on the three. Even if it continued without Sheldon, his exit would leave a void that the series would find difficult to fill, per ScreenRant.

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