The Best Overlord Fanfiction on the Internet Right Now!

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The Best Overlord Fanfiction on the Internet Right Now!
Credit: Madhouse

While Overlord is an entertaining and compelling isekai anime, fans can't help but reimagine their favorite characters. This resulted in fanfiction on the internet. However, we have discovered the best Overlord fanfiction on the internet right now, which you should read!

If you're unfamiliar, fanfiction is written by amateurs based on a previously published work of fiction. You might find yourself writing an anime crossover between two of your favorite shows at some point. Then you've created fan fiction!


Overlord is not completely new to fans creating their own fan fiction. Simply browsing the internet will yield a good read from thousands of crossovers.

If you want to read about Ainz and Albedo's marriage, you might be able to do so with just one click!

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The Best Overlord Fanfiction on the Internet Right Now!

The Best Overlord Fanfiction on the Internet Right Now! Content
Credit: Madhouse

This Overlord fanfiction caught our attention among thousands of written works. Aeridinae Lunaris is the author of the best Overlord fanfiction on the internet right now.

If you enjoy Overlord's world-building as well as character development, this fan fiction will hook you right away.


The best Overlord fanfiction, Valkyrie's Shadow, focuses on a specific noble with True Sight.

During the battle of the Katze Plains, the noble found herself under the support of an unexpected benefactor.

The rest follows as Ainz Ooal Gown's counterpart, the adventurer Momon, takes the noble under Shalltear's orders. What happens to Shalltear and her new pet?

Valkyrie's Shadow is still ongoing as of this writing. You'll be on a massive adventure with over 640 chapters!

However, it is a slow burn, which means that the progression of events is slow. The good news is that, despite its pacing, the buildup will be worthwhile in the end!

If you think Overlord does a good job with world-building, Valkyrie's Shadow improves on it with great detail.

While the minor details in Overlord appear to be unimportant, the fan fiction emphasizes them, which makes more sense.


Valkyrie's Shadow is so good that it fills in every missing gap in Overlord. If the plot holes in Overlord have left a void in your heart, perhaps Valkyrie's Shadow can fill it.

If you like Shalltear, you'll like her even more in Valkyrie's Shadow. Her character development in fanfiction is extremely impressive, allowing for more room for growth.

Her interactions with the other guardians are also well written and will keep anyone entertained.

The author's commitment and dedication are the highlights of Valkyrie's Shadow. The fanfiction is regularly updated without sacrificing quality.


The fanfiction also includes well-drawn maps, properly curated character sheets, and other visuals.

This adds to the overall worth of Valkyrie's Shadow, compelling anyone to follow and read more of its chapters.

If you want to read the fan fiction Valkyrie's Shadow, you can find it here.