The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Expresses Interest to Join Dune: Part Two

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Robert Pattinson finally made his debut as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves' The Batman and the audience are loving his interpretation of the iconic DC hero. While we're still awaiting official confirmation regarding the film's sequel, it looks like Pattinson already has his eyes to join another franchise.

Speaking to Variety, Pattinson was asked about what drew him to work with Reeves in which he revealed that he is a fan of the director's Planet of the Apes films and expressed interest to be part of a sequel of two films that he loves. "I love those [Planet of the] Apes movies so much. There’s only been two movies — well, three now — where I wanted to do a sequel: the Apes movies, Sicario and Dune," he said. "I saw both of the Apes movies in the cinema and I just thought what he could do with mo-cap was just so unbelievable. If he could do that with a monkey’s face, then he can get a performance out of me as well."

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Luckily, Dune is already officially getting a sequel which is set to begin later this year with plans to release by fall 2023. We also know that there will be additional casting involved in the sequel since there are characters from the novel that they haven't introduced yet including the villainous Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

It would be great to see Pattinson be part of the Dune films. As he proved in so many roles that he has done in the past, he is a talented actor who can do a variety of roles. He would be a great Feyd-Rautha and it would be interesting to see him face off Timothee Chalamet again (as they previously co-starred in The King). Since he also mentioned Sicario, it's clear that Pattinson would love to work with director Denis Villeneuve and is willing to do any role as long as he gets to work with him.

Of course, Pattinson is just expressing his interest and putting out the word to see if he'll get asked to be involved in Dune: Part Two. We will find out soon enough if the actor's dream will come true. Even if he won't be able to join the sequel, he is already attached to star in Bong Joon-ho's next film which is already a great A-list project that he's part of.

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You can catch Pattinson in The Batman which is currently showing in theaters everywhere.

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