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The Batman Director 'Devastated' By Robert Pattinson's Tenet Casting

If you have watched The Batman this weekend, you're probably convinced that Matt Reeves made the right choice by casting Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. However, there was a time when the director was unsure that the former Harry Potter star would take on the role. Reeves admitted that he was "devastated" when Pattinson was cast in Christopher Nolan's big-budget project Tenet!

It's no secret that Matt Reeves has had his eye on Robert Pattinson while he was preparing to work on The Batman. However, he admitted on the ReelBlend podcast that his hopes were (temporarily) dashed when Pattinson joined the Tenet cast.

"I wrote the story, I wrote this script with Rob in mind. I wanted him to be my Batman," Reeves said. "I had no idea if he was gonna be Batman, and when it was announced that he was cast by Chris in Tenet, I was devastated."

The possible scheduling conflict is not the only reason why Reeves was uncertain if Robert Pattinson would consider being in The Batman. Reeves also pointed out that Pattinson hasn't been interested in blockbusters for a while and might only want to work on one during a certain period of time.

"I was convinced -- because he'd been doing all of these art films and he'd been working with all these interesting filmmakers ... If he's gonna do a blockbuster, will it be Batman and would he do more than one?" Reeves said. "When he's doing a blockbuster with one of the definitive Batman filmmakers, I thought, 'Okay, so there goes that. He's not gonna want to be Batman.'"

Luckily, Reeves was wrong about that. After all, even Pattinson couldn't turn down the chance to play Batman. With that in mind, we're glad that Reeves went through with the idea of casting Pattinson in The Batman.

The Batman is now screening in theaters worldwide.

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