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The Batman: Robert Pattinson Clarifies Controversial Comments Regarding His Work Out

There's a lot of anticipation right now to The Batman as it will feature Robert Pattinson's debut as the Caped Crusader. Just like other actors who are taking superhero roles, he underwent a lot of preparations prior to filming. However, during an interview with GQ back in 2020, he made a comment that he wasn't actually working out that much for the role which caused some confusion if he was being serious or he was just joking. Now, the actor has finally clarified it.

In an interview with Movie Maker, Pattinson was asked about his comments in the past regarding his work out which caused some stir in which he clarified that, as most people believed, he was just joking. "That really came back to haunt me. I just always think it’s really embarrassing to talk about how you’re working out," he said. "I think it’s like an English thing. Unless you are in the most unbelievable shape, where people are just genuinely curious, going, ‘How have you achieved, like, physical perfection?’ or whatever."

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He continued, "You’re playing Batman. You have to work out. I think I was doing the interview when I was in lockdown, as well, in England [and] was in a lower gear of working out. It’s the same thing as saying in an interview when I was like 21 that I didn’t wash my hair. It just sticks for 15 years."

It is great that Pattinson clarified his comments from the past even though it was obvious that he was just joking about it. As shown in the trailers that they released so far, it does look like the actor did put some shape as he took the role. It's also very common for any actor who is playing superheroes to do a lot of workouts and be in shape since they should be physically fit especially with all the action scenes that they have to do.

Based on everything that we've seen so far, there's no denying that Pattinson put his heart and soul into playing the role and made it sure that he will give justice to playing one of the most popular superheroes.

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The Batman is set to be released in theaters on March 4.

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