The Batman's HBO Max Release Date Possibly Revealed

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The Batman is currently showing in theaters worldwide and breaking several box office records. The film has been considered a triumph for its unique take on the Caped Crusader. However, there are still some people who still haven't seen it and prefer to wait for it to come to HBO Max so that they can watch it from their home instead. Now, it looks like we have the date now for its streaming debut and it is sooner than you might expect.

According to ComingSoon, a technical error on the HBO website revealed that The Batman is set to make its HBO Max debut on Tuesday, April 19 while it will make its television debut on HBO a few days later on Saturday, April 23. The advertisement has since been removed although there are people who were able to take a screenshot before it was taken down. It also fulfills its supposed 45-day theatrical window that Warner Bros. promised for its 2022 films.

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We do have to take note that HBO Max hasn't officially confirmed the date so we still have to take it with a grain of salt for now. However, given that the film is supposed to be released on streaming 45 days after its theatrical release, April 19 sounds like a very plausible date and we can safely assume that it will be the actual official date that it will be released on the service.

Assuming that it will be the actual date, it is exciting to hear that we finally know that it will be coming to HBO Max in just about a month as we can now start the countdown for its streaming debut and know when we can rewatch the film from the comfort of our home. It's also in alignment with Warner Bros.' plan to release all of its films this year on HBO Max 45 days after its theatrical release, unlike last year when all of them were released on the theaters and HBO Max on the same day.

Seeing the box office results of the film so far, the 45-day theatrical window strategy is definitely working since it gives Warner Bros. an opportunity to earn a lot at the box office and have a lasting success instead of releasing it on streaming at the same day where it has a big potential to be a flop. Either way, it is exciting to know that the film will be coming to streaming soon and we don't need to wait any longer since it's only just a few weeks away.

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The Batman is currently showing in theaters everywhere.

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