The Batman Co-Writer Tapped to Work on Mega Man Movie

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With Pokemon: Detective Pikachu proving that good video game/anime movies can be done and Sonic the Hedgehog supposedly getting a $40 million opening when it comes out, it seems like these kinds of adaptations are in again. Capcom previously announced that there will be a Mega Man movie coming out soon and The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that it will be scripted by Mat Tomlin, a co-writer of Matt Reeves' The Batman.

This would be really exciting news if we knew for sure that The Batman was good. Granted, Matt Reeves is pretty talented and his Planet of the Apes series did really well with critics so there's a good chance that his The Batman trilogy will be just as good. If Tomlin is one of the reasons why it's good, then the Mega Man movie could be in good hands.

As a Mega Man fan, I can say that there isn't much plot for Tomlin to work with. There is a part of me hoping that they will be adapting the Mega Man X series since those games do lend themselves to more intriguing stories about machines and men. Granted, the stories of Mega Man X games aren't that great either but there is more to get from them.

Currently, there is no release date for the Mega Man movie. We can only hope that the creators do their research and give us a good time. Or just make it a Netflix series, please.

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