The Batman Cinematographer Unveils Why Arkham Asylum's Inmate Is Hidden In The Shadows

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Fans are obviously loving the new reboot of The Batman after its box-office opening success. Featuring the new Bruce Wayne, Robert Pattinson, the film is getting positive feedback from critics worldwide. Thanks to director Matt Reeves, not only for The Batman but for crafting a new Batverse for the DC fans.

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Introducing Pattinson as the new Bruce Wayne, together with Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Pennyworth, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Jeffrey Wright as Detective Gordon, and Paul Dano as The Riddler. While an ensemble cast puts a winning element for the film, one particular element that is getting praised is The Batman's cinematography.

Greig Fraiser's cinematography for The Batman is excellent and every scene is nearly a piece of art. Featuring grounded and darker materials for The Batman, Fraiser nailed the theme of the film.

In an interview with The Wrap, cinematographer Greig Fraiser sat down to discuss how he pulled up the exceptional cinematography of The Batman. When asked about why the mysterious inmate in Arkham Asylum was hidden, Fraser responded,

“I can’t comment on who it is, but this Gotham is a bubbling cesspool of crime, isn’t it? So giving a little kiss or an introduction of who else may be living in this prison. I mean, what a fantastic opportunity to do that. And again, going back to the adage of you don’t want to see too much. You never want to see too much. Sometimes seeing too much can distract from some of the beauty or joy of watching films.”

When asked if he is willing to do another Batman film, the cinematographer replied, “I mean, I loved it. I loved the process. I love Matt as a director. So I mean, you can take whatever you want from that. I mean, there’s more stories to be told in this place. You know? There’s more things to do. There’s more opportunities there. This is why it’s such a fantastic world to be in, because it’s a great opportunity to explore this world.”

We all know that the mysterious inmate played by Barry Keoghan is indeed The Joker, confirmed by director Matt Reeves himself. While Joker's cameo in The Batman remains a mystery, we can assume that his appearance in the film won't be his last because one wouldn't really put a classic Batman villain in a film and just leave it there. Maybe he can be a future big bad villain for future sequels, or maybe a spinoff.

While we don't have any further details about Barry Keoghan's Joker future in the new reboot of Matt Reeves' Batverse, the two villains who are set to antagonize Bruce Wayne and Gotham City are Paul Dano's Riddler and Colin Farrell's The Penguin in his HBO Max standalone spinoff.

The Batman is now showing in theaters worldwide.

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