The Batman Audition Tape Reveals Barry Keoghan Didn't Want to be The Joker

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Credit: WB

Barry Keoghan may be a relative unknown in Hollywood but he's slowly gaining recognition for his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Universe. The last year has been pretty good for the up-and-coming Irish actor who starred as Druig in Eternals and Joker in The Batman and fans await what's next for him. Speaking of the Matt Reeves blockbuster, while Keoghan's mystery character was later revealed to be the Clown Prince of Crime, he revealed that he auditioned for a different role.

Credit: WB

Speaking with GQ Magazine, Keoghan revealed that he wanted to play The Riddler in the 2022 reimagining of the Dark Knight and it turns out that he even sent out a 2-minute audition video in hopes to secure Edward Nygma's part. Four months following his audition, Barry said he received a call from producer Dylan Clark who said: "The Batman wants you to play the Joker – but you cannot tell anyone."

The aforementioned audition video has already surfaced on social media. You can check it out below:

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Now that I think about it, Barry does possess that cunning and intelligent look The Riddler role requires and I believe he would have been a good choice for the part. Still, you can't deny how Paul Dano killed it with his performance.

But let's be honest, being chosen as the caped crusader's archnemesis is the best role anyone could wish for so at the end of the day, the actor came out as the true winner.

DC's The Batman is available to stream on HBO Max.