The Batman 2: New Report Casts Doubt on Barry Keoghan's Joker Return

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Warner Bros. Discovery is already establishing its presence in the DC universe and while some fans see it as a huge opportunity to take the franchise to heights it has never seen, some are concerned for the future of projects that could be on the receiving end of the merger's axe.

The Batman
Credit: WB

One of the projects fans were worried about was Robert Pattinson's The Batman 2 after it was recently reported that the studio has yet to greenlight the film. Now, it has just been confirmed that the sequel will in fact be moving forward.

According to a new scoop from The Hollywood Reporter, The Batman 2 will in fact proceed as planned but the outlet is casting doubt on the involvement of the Joker played by Eternals actor Barry Keoghan. The closing moments of the DC blockbuster set up the inevitable clash between the Dark Knight and his biggest foe but according to THR, it's "not even clear" if he'll return.

As it stands, the film's plot is being kept under wraps but it will see Matt Reeves reteam with Mattson Tomlin who will pen the screenplay.

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Obviously, the Joker is the most logical choice to play Batman's villain in the next film but if plans ultimately change, there are loads of baddies from the caped crusader's rogues gallery to choose from. Personally speaking, I'd like to see Reeves do a more grounded version of Mister Freeze or villains that haven't received a live-action treatment like Clayface or even the Phantasm.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see but amid all concerns about the whole Warner Bros. Discovery shakeup, it's good to know that Battinson will stick around, and frankly, I don't see any reason why they should drop him.

The Batman 2 is currently under development.