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The Batman Actor Getting Replaced in Upcoming Penguin Spinoff

Credit: WB

Matt Reeves has made it clear from the get-go that he wants to do more with his universe centered on the caped crusader and thanks to the critical and financial success of The Batman, the director was allowed to expand his own Batverse. As it stands, Reeves is currently developing several spinoff projects under the "new" DC Universe, with The Penguin being the first of many.

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Credit: WB

The Colin Farrell-led series will begin filming early next year and before cameras start rolling for the project, it appears that Reeves and director Craig Zobel are making last-minute changes to the show's cast. According to a new report from The Illuminerdi, The Penguin is currently looking for an actor in his 60s who will play the role of important Batman villain Salvatore Maroni.

Interestingly, The Batman already featured the patriarch of the Maroni crime family but the character was played by an uncredited extra who only appeared on the cover of Gotham's local newspaper. This obviously means that the actor who portrayed Sal in the 2022 blockbuster is getting recast for The Penguin.

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This isn't the character's first live-action rodeo. In fact, Maroni has already appeared in projects like Gotham, Batman Forever, and most notably Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. Obviously, the decision to cast a new actor for the role is a dead giveaway that Salvatore will play a significant role in Robert Pattinson's Batman universe moving forward.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear where The Batman stands in the DCU but rumor has it that WB Discovery is adamant about turning Pattinson into the franchise's main Dark Knight.

The Penguin is expected to drop sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, The Batman is streaming on HBO Max.

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