Robert Pattinson Reportedly Getting Axed as Batman Amid WB Discovery Shakeup

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Credit: WB

The newly-established Warner Bros. Discovery has been making a ton of buzz over the last couple of weeks. So far, significant changes have already been made to the DC universe and David Zaslav is only getting started. Now, as the production company begins to restructure its DC property, details about its 10-year plan for the franchise are being laid out.

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Credit: WB

Zaslav is said to be committed to turning the tide for DC after years of failed attempts to match the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, in a shocking turn of events, it looks like they'll be getting rid of a project that recently found a huge deal of success.

According to a report from That Hashtag Show, Matt Reeves' The Batman could be among the projects affected by the whole Warner Bros. Discovery shakeup. The outlet claims that Reeves will proceed with his trilogy as planned but after that, Robert Pattinson's version of the caped crusader won't be coming back for other projects.

"Reeves is expected to finish his Batman trilogy, and after that, it’s expected that this iteration of Batman will be phased out," the report says.

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Well, considering Reeves never intended for his iteration of the Dark Knight to become part of a shared universe, it would make total sense to end Battinson's run after a trilogy. Still, it's concerning news for the director since he made it clear from the get-go that his Batman universe would spawn multiple spinoff projects. I guess it all depends on how Zaslav and company will handle things moving forward.

The Batman is streaming on HBO Max.

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